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We have invited the best Psychologists across India to represent each Domain in Psychology. Let’s hear from them on how they reached where they reached, but more importantly, how can we reach there?

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Join in with us and let’s work together to raise awareness on Psychology. If you don’t volunteer for such an event, what else are you doing in life?

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If you are part of the volunteering community. 3G will provide you with free workshops for up-skilling and being a better psychologist.

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Join 3G Psychology Club, India’s biggest student lead club in psychology. Get access to a huge number of sessions and internships.

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addressing all the Schools in Psychology!

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About Career Summit

The Psychology Career Summit - En-PSYCH-lopedia is an initiative by the 3G School of Applied Psychology. This event aims to resolve any questions or confusion a person might have regarding the field of psychology. Despite psychology being a peculiar field and an upcoming one at that, there’s a lack of knowledge about the career prospects and its realities in India and around the globe. We hope that this summit shines a light on the different career opportunities in psychology and how to pursue them. It will also focus on the future of psychology, what are the possible and inevitable changes that we’ll see in the future and how can we prepare for it.

Mission of the Event

This summit is put up by the students and for the students. The vision of our summit is to make all the students and enthusiasts under the domain of psychology to have a clear understanding of the path they are interested in and want to follow. To provide informed and valuable guidance about the various career prospects in psychology so that the audience can make appropriate career decisions.

Our Speakers

Topics to be covered

Answering all your Psychology questions!


Careers in Psychology Book - A-Z of establishing yourself as a Psychologist!

Careers in Psychology: A-Z of establishing yourself as a psychologist is intended to help students and instructors answer their own and others questions about careers prospects for psychology majors. The main goal of writing this book is to discuss the broad range of careers that psychology students might choose from. Many students are not aware of the breadth of psychology and its many subdisciplines, and this book will introduce them to the wide range of possible career options in psychology that are available for them.

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  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Myths and Facts
  • Skills Required
  • Subfields of Psychology
  • Top Psychology careers
  • Exploration opportunities
  • Choosing a major
Our team

Our Student Lead Event Team

A reader who is a leader, that's the all-encompassing definition of this book-lover and student of Psychology. She's intense and composed, the very picture of quiet sophistication. Gloria can be sweet or sarcastic depending on whether she has had her cup of chai. She doesn’t talk much but when it comes to topics such as gender diversity and inclusion you can be sure that she won’t shut up. A little on the lazy side but you can always count on her to execute things with perfection because that’s what she aims for every single time.
Gloria Dsouza

Designation Head Event Coordinator | Marketing & Social Media

On the outside, she may come across as snobbish, arrogant and someone who always has her shit together, but only when you really know her will you realise the crazy whacko behind the calm surface. She hates small talk, so get to the point. She loves helping people in whatever capacity that she can, a strict loving mother of sorts, so always feel free to reach out to her and be confident that she'll have your back.
Angela Aricatt

Head Event Coordinator | Speaker Management & Human Resources

The first impression you might have of her is that she is sweet and doesn't talk much. But this girl is more than just that and will definitely take you by surprise! She doesn't believe in the idea of first impressions, she rather loves to get to know people better. Yes, she speaks less, but loves listening to people and is very empathetic in nature. Ria has the knack for observing people around her and making sure that they feel comfortable around her. She is a hard worker and truly believes that if you are willing to put in efforts, nothing will ever stop you.
Ria Khamkar

Head Event Coordinator | Admin & Technicals

These students are on a Mission to help their Fellow Psychology Mates to gain a better understanding of the domain!

Our Mission

The summit is assembled by the students, and for the students. Our summit’s mission: Realm Clarity

We aim to filter out the noises of pessimistic views, and throw light on the opportunities this domain is willing to offer!

Our Vision

Psychology is no longer what the society depicts it is. It’s much more than that. It's a rapidly growing domain with the fastest emerging scopes all across the globe!

It's time India sees this evolution too, and that is our VISION.

The sheer prominence of the domain will be acknowledged and respected, and given all the value it’s worth in the upcoming years. This is what we see in the future.

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This summit is put up by the students and for the students. The vision of our summit is to make all the students
and enthusiasts under the domain of psychology .
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