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3G School of Psychology is an initiative of 3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies (3G IRPS). The mission of 3G SOP (3G School Of Psychology) is to create India’s largest Psychology Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform.
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How essential is psychology in the AI-dominated future? To give you a glimpse, it's better we rename it 'psAIchology'. When AI disrupts and replaces humans in the workplace, anxiety and stress are bound to soar sky-high. When AI is deployed to keep people averse from their physical world by them gluing onto their screens, human-based connection and counseling would be a saviour. The future is all about uncertainty and change. It is bound to make us feel lonely, miserable and vulnerable. As AI rises, so does our looming need for psychology.

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IPC 2021

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3G School of Psychology will be launching 3G Psychology Club, it's going to be the largest student led psychology club and 3G Psychology Forum, which will be the biggest forum with psychologists & psychology graduates.







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