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Brand-new curriculum that focuses on practical exposure

The most inclusive and updated Curriculum

Flexibility to work during the Program


100% Job Guarantee

Our program gives you a career, not just certification.

World Class Curriculum

AI integrated psychology, all the information is based on current psychological statements

Industry Experts

Classes are taken up by speakers who are industry experts.

Social Networking

Give the students an opportunity to interact and get connected with top psychologists.

100% Job + Internship

It is time we accept the fact that AI’s victory is going to come at us head-on, and begin thinking about how we can change that impact into one that succor us rather than demean us.

We, at 3G school have come up with a brand-new curriculum using AI and psychology as cornerstones. Our curriculum is challenging, insightful and real-time. We encourage a new age-model of thinking, where teachers are nothing but mentors and facilitators. We don’t recognize a person based on degrees and grades, we acknowledge them by their inner potential. The courses are conducted completely online along with various other platforms for students to explore their in-built talents and capabilities. Our main motive is revolutionizing the field of psychology.





3G School of Psychology has broken
the World Records!

We have hit the world records for organizing India’s Largest Psychology Conference, 2021 with




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Best Features Of Course

World Class Curriculum - Most updated & Inclusive

International/National Psychologists as Faculty

100% Job Guarentee

Network With Industry Experts.

Flexible Class Timing - Evening/Morning

Access to all 3G Workshops & Training

3-6 Months Live Internship

Digital Footprint

Why choose 3G School of Psychology!

Wondering what makes us different from other renowned courses? Well, we provide a 100% job guarantee with multiple additional expertises.We are immensely vision driven: Influencing society and creating a change to positively impact the lives of millions. Numerous classes are taken up by speakers who are industry experts, to provide students with better insights and key points

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Be a part of Changing the
Psychology Domain


Visiting a psychologist is still considered a taboo in India.


Psychologists are still underestimated in India.


People don't recognize the value and potential of psychologists

Less Opportunities

Psychologists are given very few jobs, with very low wages.

Above all, their yearning to change lives for the better is disregarded and unappreciated!

Academic Advisory Board

Become a Certified Career Counsellor

  • We will equip you fully to begin your Career Counselling
  • You will be shadowing Career Counsellors
  • You will have access to 3G Psychometric Engine
  • Enter into counseling right after your Graduation
  • Gain recognition and clientelle in the market

MA Psychology Student Experience

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M.A Psychology

Duration : 2 Years with 3-6 Months Live Internship

Scholarship Weightage Matrix

1.Early Bird - First 10 students Rs.10,000/-

2.Graduation marks 90% aboveRs. 4000/-

3.Graduation marks 75% aboveRs. 3000/-

4.Higher Secondary Marks 90% aboveRs. 4,000/-

5.UG - Graduation PsychologyRs. 5000/-

6.Higher Secondary Marks 75% aboveRs. 3000/-

7.10th Marks 90% aboveRs. 4000/-

8.10th Marks 75% aboveRs. 3000/-

9.Books WrittenRs. 2000/-

10.Internship & NGO Project ParticipationRs. 2000/-

11.Extra CurriculumRs. 2000/-

12.School Teacher Recommendation LetterRs. 2,000/-

13.HSE Teacher Recommendation LetterRs. 2000/-

14.DEGREE Teacher Recommendation LetterRs. 2000/-

15.Economical BackgroundRs. 10,000/-

16.Journal PublishedRs. 2000/-

your future with 3g school of psychology

job with 3G's initiatives.

network with industry

become a part of largest

opportunity to research
in psychology.

practical experience in
psychology domain.

mentoring from the
industry experts.

ready for the 21st era of technology+psychology.

live internship opportunities.

admissions for 50 students only!

How to Apply

Fill the application Form
Take an orientation with the Admissions office
Pay the application Fee
Go through the selection process
Join the program if selected

FAQs-3G School of Psychology

1. Who can Apply for 3G’s Masters in Psychology Program (M.A. Psychology)?

Anyone who can dedicate full-time for 3 years of study and has completed any one of the following can apply:

Any Graduation (mandatory)

Any Post Graduate

Any Ph.D.

2. From which university will I get my M.A. Psychology degree from?

The M.A. Psychology degree will be conferred from Suresh Gyan Vihar University (SGVU), Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. SGVU is a private, not-for-profit and an autonomous university. In 2017, Suresh Gyan Vihar University became the first private university in Rajasthan to be awarded 'A' Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It’s also accredited and affiliated by UGC, AICTE, NBA, AIU, PCI and NCTE. For more details, please visit:

3. What if I am already pursuing my masters?

3G’s Masters in Psychology is a full-time practical program and requires 100% commitment. Those who are already pursuing/in the middle of any other program are not eligible to apply.

4. I'm a 1st year student of B.Sc./BA Psychology. Should I apply now?

You are eligible apply when you reach third year or right after you complete your graduation. The bottom-line is you must have completed Bachelors Degree in any field on the first day of 3G’s first year course.

In the meantime however, till such time you complete your degree, you can choose to be part of the 3G Commune and take up internship and gain experience by being part of the 3G Psychology Club. This gives you an insight about 3G and the learning-cum-working culture within the 3G ecosystem. Most of all, you can network with students and interns.

5. The whole program is virtual (online classes). So how can you ensure a student’s overall development?

The entire program is virtual - by design! Especially post 2020, the way forward as regards the world of education and work, as we all know, will be digital. Students of 3G will not only learn to adapt but also master the skills required for thriving in the 21st century digital era.

Every year the students are required to plan and execute a one month trip, all by themselves, to a popular location in India. There will be so much learning happening from talks, workshops, seminars, fun activities and excursions during the 30 days along with socializing, networking and bonding; that the value a student will derive during that period will be way beyond what most full-year regular courses from other institutions!

That’s not all. The program will regularly feature dozens of renowned specialists in psychology and other top speakers from across the world. They will deliver virtual lectures virtually yet on the very same world class content which they normally deliver in person. As a student, it is important to understand that it is practically neither possible nor viable for any university or institution to fly 50 to 100 speakers from all around the world for an in-person session/lecture.

6.Please explain the type of job 3G will be providing?

Industrial Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Education Psychologist, Child Psychologist, AI Psychologist, Cognitive Psychologist, Social Psychologist and Psychometrician are some of the job opportunities students can choose from; which will be based on the evaluation of their performance and successful completion of the course.

7. What is the starting salary of the job?

The starting salary will be not less than INR 15,000/- (INR Fifteen Thousand only) per month and can go up to INR 100,000 (INR One Lakh only) per month, based on the evaluation of the student’s performance and work experience (if any).

8. I don't have a bachelor degree in psychology but ‘am still interested in this course. Can i apply?

Yes. You can apply. Any Bachelors Degree will do (psychology degree not mandatory).

9. Is it okay not to take up the job opportunity offered by 3G?

Whether or not you want to take up the job opportunity offered by 3G is completely up to you. The fact is that by the end of the course, you will be fully ready to enter the world of work by yourself. 3G will prepare you such that you will be more than capable of independently finding a choice of opportunities.

10.Why is the program so expensive?

In Our Course, You will be having a Job Guarantee in the domain, 3-6 months of offline Internships Provided by us, Career Counseling Certification and access to our all Psychology Workshops. Everything is covered by us, you won't have to worry about finding anything.

11. How many Certifications will I receive by doing this program?

The following are the certifications you will receive on successful completion of the program:

a. M.A Psychology from Suresh Gyan Vihar University

b. Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from 3G Institute of Research & Policy Studies (3G IRPS), HQ : IIT Madras Research Park

c. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diploma from 3G Techno-Hub

d. Certificates in Digital Marketing

e. Certificate in Cognitive Psychology

f. Diploma in Entrepreneurship from India CEO Forum

g. Career Coaching Advanced/Mastery Certification from London Certification

12. What is the Fee for the program?

The Fees is INR 5.50 Lakhs for the entire course.

13. Who is eligible for the scholarship?

All students are eligible for a one-time scholarship of up to INR 1.0 lakh. For more details, please Click Here.

14. Will the program permanently provide a job guarantee during the coming years?

Job can be guaranteed only for the first 100 students joining the program.

15. What is the relevance of psychology with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic the actions of humans. The term AI may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with humans such as learning and problem-solving, among many others. Since psychology, at the fundamental level, has got to do with human behavior, AI Psychology has tremendous scope for professional opportunities especially in the 2020s and 2030s.

16. Can I use the address of 3G, IIT Madras Research Park after getting the job?

Yes, you can use our company address.

17. I am very interested in the program, but I am coming from an economically constrained background. What do I do?

First things first, make sure you’re among the first 100 applicants. Since you have a job guarantee (being one among the first 100 students), you can take an unsecured education loan and start paying once you take up a job. For more details, please click Here

18. Is your program better than a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology?

3G School of Psychology follows the American Psychology Association (ASA) and The British Psychological Society (BPS) as regards the topics to be mastered by the students. Both ASA and BPS are leaders in the field of research and contemporary updates and trends related to the field of Psychology. This means as a student of 3G, you are up to date with the latest developments in the field of Psychology.

19. Will I also be a Certified Career Counselor after completing your program?

Yes, you will be fully equipped to become a Certified Career Counsellor. That’s not all. You will also be provided with all the assessment tools needed to function as a professional Career Counsellor and the opportunities to gain practical experience.

20. Will I be able to get a job in other places after your program?

Yes. 3G will prepare you to be capable of getting job opportunities outside of 3G’s placement guarantee. Please refer FAQ 10 above for more details.

21. Why does your program have a duration of 3 years? Usually a PG Program is only for 2 years.

With 3G, you are not just going to becoming a Post Graduate in Psychology. You are going to become a complete professional who has mastered the many nuances within the realm of Psychology. You become someone who is ready to go out there in to the world, make an impact and transform every individual who reaches out to you.

The depth and width of 3G’s curriculum is of global standards. Therefore, to lay a strong foundation, delve deep into specialization and gain experience through application of knowledge learned will require 3 full years of complete dedication and focus. The whole of the third year is designed for practical exposure and hands-on work experience as an intern. The third year of the program is what makes 3G’s program stand out from the rest.

22. Why is an online program better than an offline program?

Please refer FAQ No.6 above.

23. Why have you provided Career Counselling as part of this Program in Psychology?

Career Counselling is one of the most popular areas where Psychologists are highly sought after for professional services. Their services and guidance are sought by students, parents, young professionals, schools, colleges and even educational institutions.

Unlike other areas of specialization in psychology where paying customers will almost invariably hire/seek for services only from an experienced individual, career counselling is a segment where customers wouldn’t hesitate to pay even fresh graduates in psychology. Having said, what is to be noted is that Career Counselling is an industry with a turnover of well over INR 5,000 Crores in India and is expected to grow rapidly in the decade of the 2020s and 30s. India needs not less than 1.50 million career counselors to cater to the needs of more than 400 million youths. We at 3G are on a mission to create One Million Career Coaches through our vertical 3G Me Life (www.3GMeLife.Com)!

24. Is installment plan available for the program?
25. If I refer a friend to join the program and they get selected, will I earn?

Yes. You can. Please connect with our team at __

26. Why is the program focusing a lot on creating a profile for me?

Think about it for a moment. Be it your family doctor, dentist, auditor or lawyer, you visit them and hire their services regularly, more because of who they are as a person than how good they are as a professional. Yes they need to be good as a professional. But among the many good professionals, from your point of view, they stand out because of what they are as a person.

Similarly, people will come to you and hire your services more for who you are and then for what you do (in that order). That's why you are a personal brand, first! Only then you are a psychologist. Any psychologist has clients. When it comes to you however, your brand will be created such that it brings you the top and best of clients in the town, city or wherever be the location you practice. In business, 'Who your clients are?'does matter. What matters even more however, is 'Who do your clients know?'.

Your social media profiles, be it LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. are all places where people visiting the pages perceive you in their own way. Once you are out of college, that perception changes from you as in individual to you as a brand. How well you manage others' perception about you and how much value you can extract from others' perception about you is a very fine science. To build and manage your career, you should first build and manage your Personal Brand. That’s where 3G's support to build your brand comes into the picture.

27. Can the role or the job of a Psychologist be automated?

While the menial and repetitive tasks/jobs within the current roles of psychologists will be automated, the conclusions from many research papers from the recent past indicate that we are now at a juncture where it is time to stop thinking about AI as a battle of machines versus humans.

Rather, now is the right time to focus on how AI can optimize and improve clinicians’ abilities to deliver better care and faster healing/recovery for their clients. This is where new and specialized roles like AI Psychologists will emerge in the near future. Psychologists who have a good foundation in AI and the ability to embrace the dynamic changes in the industry will be highly sought after and highly paid professionals. 3G’s Masters in Psychology program has its foundation in AI and therefore gives its students an edge over those from other institutions.

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